Debra was extremely thorough and very professional. She explained every thing in detail. And she made sure we understood. I would highly recommend Debra for all of your notary needs. 

Marilyn Politi

Deborah has done a very professional way doing her work as a notary public. We had a very good experience working with her. She made things smoothly and quickly.

I will strongly recommend her to anyone who needs her Notary service. 

Judy Ni

Debra of Notary Fulfillment Services provided outstanding service for me and my family.  I live In Colorado and we needed notary services for my uncle who lived in assisted living in New Jersey.  Debra went above and beyond to assure that she obtained my uncle's signature on time-sensitive legal documents, meeting him at the entrance to his residence and patiently guiding him to completion of the tasks.  Debra is a caring professional that anyone can rely on for top notch service. 

JP Marosy

Debra was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Her work is meticulous. She is a great notary and I will definitely contact her for all my notary needs.


Extremely professional and responsive.  Great customer service. I highly recommend Debra!   

Linda Rigney

Debra came to my house to sign the final closing of my refinancing. Even though I was nervous, she was professional, on time, and was patient with me with all of my questions. I highly recommend her for any notary service that you may need. 

Karen Hogan

Debra was easy to contact. She made an appointment promptly. She arrived on time and Was very professional. She researched the rules for the specific document I needed notarized and explained the rules precisely. 

Suzanne Miles

Debra was very professional, knowledgeable,  well organized, and thorough. She made our refi closing smooth and easy once the bank put it in her hands. 

Robert Lai

Deborah helped us with an unpleasant  annullment  process and she assisted us with the process and signing of the documents while in a hospital setting. I appreciate her meeting us there and promptly taking care of our business in a friendly and professional manner .  

Michele Deleva


Just want to thank you again for a job well done.

You're a gem and I love your sense of humor as you go  through page after page of signatures and notarizing. You are an asset to the company.

Have a wonderful day and a blessed year ahead.

                           Jane Kirkland 

Debra was very organized, professional, and knowledgeable of forms. And made process of closing easy, and was a pleasure during the complex process.  Highly recommend.

                                                 Chris R.

Excellent service!!  Ms Chambliss, the notary is very professional and efficient. I needed a special notary service with a special state seal that is not provided by the notary at the bank.  I contacted Ms Chambliss who came to my house the same day and notarized the papers, sent them to Trenton and confirmed that it was received and when the recipients would receive the papers.  I would highly recommend her for your quick and professional excellent service.  You will not be disappointed. 

                                       Marjorie Schreck


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